Healthy Relationship Essay

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HLTH 21: Health Education
Spring 2012
Course Orientation
This course is all about what YOU want and need to know about personal, family, and community health with an emphasis on epidemiology of disease, nutritional behavior, communicable disease, disease prevention, mental health, and substance abuse. It's really up to you to decide how much you want to get out of this course in terms of meeting your personal and professional goals.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students should be able to:
Assess health behavior choices, apply that information to everyday life for the improvement of individual, family, and community well-being.
Identify preconceived ideas about knowledge, values, and behavior that affect
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Third, read the course content and participate actively.
Click on the Modules link.
Participate in the Learning Activities.
Finally, complete your weekly Discussion postings and Quizzes.
Weekly Discussion postings o Click on the Discussions and Private Messages link.
Weekly Quizzes o Click on the Assignments, Tests and Surveys link. o Each quiz has 10 questions. o Take the quiz sometime between Thursday at 8 am and Saturday at 11 pm. o You will have 25 minutes to complete the quiz. o You can use your readings and notes while you take the quiz but you cannot get help from anyone else. Module 1: Introduction to Personal Health and Stress– Week 1, July 2-6
This Module contains 10 Lessons:
Lesson 1: Health and disease, influence of family and community
Lesson 2: Culture, beliefs, attitudes, and stigmatized illnesses
Lesson 3: Leading causes of death, risk factors, and prevention
Lesson 4: Three levels of health promotion/disease prevention
Lesson 5: Health disparities and inequalities
Lesson 6: Science of Psychoneuroimmunology
Lesson 7: Dynamics and Sources of Stress
Lesson 8: General Adaptation Syndrome
Lesson 9: Burnout and Stress Related Illness
Lesson 10: Managing stress

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