Healthy Grieving: a Comparative Analysis Essay

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Healthy Grieving: A Comparative Analysis
To compare and contrast the grieving process as defined by Kübler-Ross with the Bible story of Job can be a beneficial study. By comparing these processes and also other religion's grieving processes, such as those in Judaism, and by looking at the relationship between ones joy and the grieving models discussed we can better understand human emotion and Gods expectations. By reviewing these methods and comparing them with my own grieving method my views have been altered, perhaps it will make a difference in yours as well.
Grieving process
Grieving is a healthy reaction to loss. God made people to have emotions, and it’s perfectly expectable for us to grieve when we are sad.
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Satan tries his best to have Job sin by making his life miserable and in the end Job proves that he loves God without all the things and God doubles what he had before he allowed Satan to take it away.
Comparative Analysis
How Job Correlates to the Kubler-Ross Grieving Process Looking at the story of Job we can see how Job responded to hard circumstances by realizing God is good no matter what. What did Job do differently, and what were some similarities in Job’s reaction to circumstances in comparison to Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief. Let’s look below at how Job reacted.
Differences of Job to Kubler-Ross Grieving Process
Job did not go through the stage of denial. There was no time for it. Job 1:14 says Job is told his oxen have died, while he was receiving this news another messenger came and said his camels have died, while that one was speaking he got the news that his children have died. There was no time for denial, no time for saying are you sure, let me go check. It was obvious that something supernatural was happening. His first response was to worship the Lord. The King James Bible says “in all this Job sinned not…” Job 1:22
Job himself did not get angry, something to consider is he has a wife who has also lost everything. In chapter two we see that Job did not get angry, in fact verse 10 says “in all this did not Job sin with his lips.” but his wife

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