Healthy Food: The Benefits Of Junk Food

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Who doesn’t eat junk food? I mean sure the healthy eaters only buy lean, fresh, no calories added ice cubes, but average people have to have at least some junk food in their life. Healthy food can never get out of hand and cause problems, it will always be beneficial, however, junk food can lead to many different health issues and can get out of hand quickly. Yes, junk food is bad however, do i have enough willpower to eat healthy? If more people would choose healthy food options on a daily basis, they would be less likely to have temptations from junk foods and develop an unhealthy lifestyle.
The nutritional information of indicates that it is bad for anyone’s health. We basically feed our bodies grease and toxins. Chef Paula Deen states, "I will never use a substitute for butter. Margarine is only one molecule away from eating plastic.”(Paula Deen’s Craziest Quotes). Paula refused to use a healthier substitute for butter, however, when she was diagnosed with diabetes she quickly changed her mind for health reasons. The junk that we think we cannot live without could end up killing us. Junk food such as brownies, McDonalds, and other fried foods, are all very unhealthy to our bodies due to weight gain and health issues too.
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Eating healthy can be hard to do, but it could save various health issues in the future. Clean eating is a type of diet that is very healthy and helps maintain a nutritional lifestyle. This type of eating is very good for the body to consume. Duke ophthalmologist, Jill Koury, indicates that vitamin A deficiency causes eye sight to weaken, however, with the help of carrots the eyesight can be improved because of the large source of vitamin A. A greasy cheeseburger cannot help improve any type of health issue other than helping you earn more

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