Healthy Eating Options Is A Common Problem Within Many College Campus Food Services

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Change for Healthier Choices
For years, providing students healthy eating options is a common problem within many college campus food services. With something as important as student’s health and wellbeing, college food services across the nation need to make a larger effort to solve their lack of nutritious meal options.
Like many other colleges, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology’s convenience store, Miner Shack, does not provide students with healthy snacks or meal choices. The Miner Shack is an on campus store that sells food after dining hours. For students who did not or could not fit the campus’ dining hours into their busy schedules, the Miner Shack is their only on campus meal option. The problem students’ face with the Miner Shack is quite evident just looking at the menu: Papa John’s pizza, Mexican entrees, burgers, cheesesteaks, and fries. The store only offers unhealthy, innutritious meals.
For years, elementary, middle, and high schools around the world have tried to promote healthy eating to children by improving the nutrition of school lunches. College campuses also try to promote eating healthier. Why, then, does South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Student Health promote eating healthy when the Miner Shack only provides students with innutritious food like fries and pizza?
Along with their fried food, the Miner Shack keeps a very limited variety of grab and go bagel sandwiches and salads in their refrigerators that are constantly out…

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