Essay about Healthy Eating And Its Effect On Our Physical Health

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Healthy eating is a term that means eating a variety of food that contain multiple nutrients that make you feel good and and look good. Healthy eating has a huge impact towards your physical health. As we saw from the recent documentary FED UP by Stephen Soechtig eating poorly has a huge part in how you look. On average I am supposed to eat roughly 2500 calories. I am a low active person so scientifically i shouldn 't be eating more than 3000 calories per day, but if I am, i’m supposed to be exercising more which is tough knowing my busy schedule. Many think that eating healthy or losing weight means eating little, or little to nothing but that is not good true to make you look physically attractive. For my age group if I do not eat the recommended daily calories I will no longer grow and be fit. I will end up becoming too thin, and small because my body doesn’t have near enough nutrients and vitamins to continue my growing process which will last approximately 5 more years. Though, eating too much is not good either for my age group. I will consume too many calories and cannon export it by fat burning exercises due to my schedule. I will become overweight and/or obese and will be even harder to burn the fat off. Healthy eating is perfect to maintain a healthy body weight of 135 pounds and to look decent. In our day it is very tough to eat good food because most of it is processed and ingredients that we do not know but assume are healthy because they’re in a juice box.…

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