Healthy Cooking Case Study

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Eating KFC chicken and potato chip is like a guilty pleasure: you know these deep-fried foods are tasty but are not good for health. In fact, there are alternatives to help you enjoy your foods without worrying about negative health effects: they require using little to no oil at all and preserve food protein in a excellent way. With the growing trend of healthy cooking and cooking, the following appliances also become essential for modern kitchens:
• Airfryer
An airfryer is a highly recommended cooking appliance due to its versatility and excellent features. Since there are many models out there, make sure you read airfryer reviews very carefully and choose the one with capacity and features you need. At the moment, Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer and Philips Airfryer are among the best choices in the market.
Airfryers make use of hot-air circulation to cook ingredients thoroughly from all sides with little to oil required. You can get the same tasty food with crisp layer outside similar to deep-fried food you buy at stores; the flavor can be somewhat different but it is up to personal taste.
Less to no oil required means more healthy cooking. There is much less smell and mess to clean up. The automatic shutoff features ensure that your foods don’t get overcooked and that the
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It is one of the most popular and traditional way of preparing food in a healthy and effective manner. Steamed foods can keep their shape, color, taste, juice and retains vitamins and minerals at the same time. What is even better is: no cooking oil is required at all. Basically, almost any type of food can be steamed. Steaming is better than boiling because vital nutrients won’t leech out of your foods. In short, no other cooking method can beat steaming as the least fatty way of preparing food. It is also worth mentioning that steaming is very fast and cleaning is a

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