The Importance Of Intradisciplinary Teams In Nursing

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Healthcare teams play an important role in nursing practice today. Teams provide the support necessary to assist nurses to practice within their scope and lead to empowerment. They bring collaboration of ideas and trust that promote nursing and patient empowerment. Empowered nurses and patients create positive patient outcomes. Two important types of healthcare teams are interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary.
Intradisciplinary teams refer to teams within the same profession. The profession of nursing has many intradisciplinary teams that when working together in harmony enhance the profession of nursing and the patient experience and safety. Nursing teams include direct care nurses, certified nursing assistants, charge nurses, nurse
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Institutions that support shared governance that include multiple disciplines provide an atmosphere of trust, autonomy, learning and engagement which reduce feelings of powerlessness (Hoying & Allen, 2011). Nurses feel empowered when they are part of the decision-making process in the delivery of their care. Multidisciplinary teams provide increased access to knowledge that nurses can pass on to the patient and each other enhancing patient engagement and leading to patient empowerment. Through leadership, support and mentoring, intradisciplinary teams of nurses provide the skills needed for nurses to grow in the profession. Laschinger and Smith (2013) conclude that empowered nurse leadership creates respectful and supportive relationships among nurses as a group and nurses within the interdisciplinary team increasing nurse …show more content…
Participation in teams allows for learning communication skills that can be used for patient advocacy and to deliver best patient outcomes. It can give a setting for assisting nurses in conflict resolution in ethical situations and holds nursing accountable for their actions. Enrolling nurses in educational programs that include knowledge of effective leadership, collaboration and communication skills supports nursing autonomy. For example, my institutions offers free educational classes in leadership and communication skills such as a course entitled Crucial Conversations.
When intra and interdisciplinary teams in a healthcare setting are functioning properly they can promote nursing and patient empowerment. This is accomplished through effective communication and collaboration that supports trusting relationships between providers and patients. Nursing leadership is crucial to ensuring that the profession of nursing is supported as a member of the healthcare team. They should acknowledge the need for increased education about effective participation within the teams to promote nursing empowerment. Empowered nurses advocate for themselves, their profession and their

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