Essay about Health and Social Care Sociological Perspective

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Explain two theories of ageing- Discuss two major theories of ageing in relation to the development of the individual.
Sawda Mahamoud
Cumming and Henry were sociologists, who formed the disengagement theory. They strongly believed that the older people get the more they tend to depart from society and become more independent and less worried about others. However there are many risks which are linked with disengagement, this includes depression and seclusion. After the loss of his partner, John would have started to distance himself more from his loved ones and from society. He would have become less worried about his physical appearance, for example less exercise, which would have caused more health problems. Disengagement from society
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The children of John may have believed that his health was getting worse due to him disengaging. This led to John having to visit the day centre a few times a week, in order for him so socialize and befriend other people his age who are also in the same situation. Making sure he had social interaction, would help to heal his emotional and social development, helping him to stop feeling lonely and isolated. The day centre would also help him to build friendships, so he could expand his social skills. They would also make sure that he takes part in a number of different activities, such as quizzes to help him with his cognitive skills.
Being physically active can help one to remain healthy and uphold a very good physique and keep him from having any emotions which could lead him to feeling depressed; this would also help him to live to a very old age, without being in any pain. Interacting and socializing with his family and friends, helped him to develop is intellectual skills. They also helped him to remain knowledgeable about the current affairs that are happening around him, the new technology and the news. In order for John to be prevented from being depressed, he must be mentally stimulated; he must also socially interact with those around him, become physically healthy; as this would all help him with his emotional development, in order to prevent depression.
The disengagement theory is

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