Health Risks Of Hiv / Aids Essay

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Health Risks
Nearly all of the fish caught are prepared and exported to different countries in Europe, and Europeans moved in as the bosses of local people, who are hired to work for low wages (Sauper 2004). Consequently, Europeans brought diseases such as HIV/AIDS which has affected a significant amount of Sukuma in the region (Jangu 2012). Women often become prostitutes, because Europeans flying into Mwanza to pick up the fish would often pay them well for their services. This is common among widows, as women generally do not work in the fisheries, but must continue to provide for their children after the death of a spouse. HIV/AIDS spread very quickly. Sukuma women also lost many of their original jobs, forcing them to find other ways to care for and provide for their families. Those affected by HIV/AIDS did not know what this new disease was, how it was spread, or how to deal with it. The Sukuma healers were often thought to be performing witchcraft, so the Sukuma people did not have a way to respond to this tragic illness. It was a social struggle; the newcomers took their land and saw their way of living as an incorrect way to live and structure themselves. They took away their basic ability to provide for themselves, and degraded their land, replacing it with industries. Healers play an important role in many ritual practices for the Sukuma society. The healers are increasingly vital for the society to cope with the tragedy brought among their people. Some of the…

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