Essay about Health Promotion Interventions

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Understanding Health Promotion Interventions in Nursing Practice
Nancy S. Hammack
Grand Canyon University: Family Centered Health Promotion NRS 429V Professor Barb McGraw
March 24, 2013

Understanding Health Promotion Interventions in Nursing Practice
The nursing profession is one of the largest health care professions, providing important opportunities for health promotion with potential to reform health at the legislative level. Health promotion is defined by Kreuter and Devore (1980) as, “the process of advocating health in order to enhance the probability that person (individual, family, and community), private (professional and business), and public (federal, state, and local government) support of positive
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The third illustration includes the provision of primary, secondary and tertiary health promotion activities of occupational therapy in the older population of New Zealand. Occupational therapists in New Zealand engage in both secondary and tertiary health promotion with the provision of assistive devices and rehabilitation programs with people experiencing degenerating chronic conditions. Falls prevention and aspects of lifestyle management was used as secondary health promotion. Wilson, Andrew & Wilson (2012) concludes, “There is evidence that health promotion activities with well older people are both effective and economically cost-effective” (p. 36). Changes in society bring evolving demands for nursing to shift emphasis from acute care in the hospital to preventive, community based care. The trend to establish primary medical care homes (PCMH), home health services, along with the changing demographics of the U.S., makes the home as a major community setting for care. According to Edelman & Mandel (2010b), “As the home and community become the existing sites for care, nurses must assume more blended roles, with a knowledge base that prepares them to practice across settings using evidence-based practice” (p. 17). Different health care settings require the nurse to perform a variety of roles in today’s health care system. As a collaborative team member the nurse is a patient advocate, case manager, consultant, deliverer of services (i.e.,

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