Essay about Health Law, Regulation, and Policy

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Health Law, Regulations, and Policy Paper
Michelle Hobbs
June 13, 2016
Qiana Amos

Health Law, Regulation, and Policy Paper Today’s health care industry is more than just providing medical services to individuals in need; it encompasses various laws, regulations, and policies that direct how care should be provided and what the ramifications of non-compliance will have on the health care provider and the organizations where services are rendered. There are various kinds of laws, regulations, and policies that affect the health care industry. Some may believe that laws, regulations, and policies all have the same requirements, benefits, and implications, but there are differences between the three and the impact they have on
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It is apparent that more effort needs to be put into the enforcement and interpretation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to ensure the meaning of the act is applied throughout the health care industry.
Relationship between Law and Policy in Health Care A policy is a means of outlining a governmental or organizational goal to be achieved and the method by which to obtain the goal. Although a policy is not a law, it often leads to new laws to attain the stated goals (Education and Training Unit, n.d.). When an issue is brought forth to governmental body which may require further action to remedy, a policy is often drafted with the goal and means of goal attainment for review by other interested partied. Upon finalizing a policy, it is published as a White Paper which is a statement of intent to form the basis for legislation (Education and Training Unit, n.d.). If it is deemed that the goals can only be obtained through the enactment of laws, then the

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