Health, Food, And Globalization Essay

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Health, Food and Globalization
If the movement of people, food, and manufactured goods can have such a negative impact on public health, should steps be taken to reduce these flows? What other options are there for lowering the spread of global diseases?
I feel like in the world we live in today it is nearly impossible to reduce the flow of people coming and going. Globalization has introduced the migration of people and it has taken on an immense effect all over the world. Unless things change and the rules and regulations of countries change, then the flow of people and goods in and out of the US and every other country is impossible to change and is sure to expand.
With this expansion comes a great responsible on our global health organizations and healthcare providers to reduce the spread of global diseases. To assist with the avoidance of the spread of infectious disease the implication of proper prevention needs to be put in place. In the
US alone, people acquire fatal diseases that are entirely preventable with proper vaccination.
While I was in school getting my Medical Assisting degree, I learned there are vaccines for tuberculosis (TB) however, the vaccine is not widely available to people in the US. The vaccine however, is provided to infants and children in other countries where TB is a common disease.
Vaccines help prevent the spread of infectious disease and they save lives. I feel proper vaccination is an important aspect in the decrease of infectious disease…

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