What Are The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Dangers of Genetically Modified Foods
The reach of genetically modified (GM) organisms can hardly be escaped in this day and age. In nearly every large market or store, genetically modified foods are grown and sold throughout the world, especially in the U.S. Genetically modified organisms are special plants or crops genetically modified for a number of reasons: drought resistance, insect repellant, or even to contain extra vitamins. Some common genetically modified crops are corn, soybeans, rice, canola, and cotton (Kriepe 4). Although genetically modified foods have not been around for long, the industry has drastically grown in its short existence. This biotech industry is booming as GM foods remain the key centerpiece of growth. Biotech
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Research has shown GM foods to increase the chances of a heart attack, as well as a new uncertainty about food allergens and toxicity. Environmental concerns are present and real, and once the crops have crosspollinated, it is extremely costly to repair the damage. The risk certainly outweighs the potential in these situations, even as new studies are being produced and published. And GM crops will continue to be grown and sold to consumers all over the globe as long as the industry is still there. Big business has been shown to knowingly distribute products that are related to serious health risks, and the best way to avoid the unhealthy effects of these foods is to be an aware consumer. On the environmental side of things, research needs to be continued and published against the will of large biotech companies, because there is much more to be discovered and learned about genetically modified organisms. While the health risks still prevail over the positive effects of genetically modified food and environmental concerns are at large, consumer attention should be critical because of this knowledge, but hopeful that someday soon crops of this kind can be utilized without

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