Health, Continuity, And Social Engagement Essay

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In 1987 President Ronald Reagan signed into law the OBRA-87 proposal. At the very heart of OBRA-87 was the effort to create a better quality of life for nursing home residents. Despite this landmark step in nursing home care, 49% of residents have some form of depression (QuickStats 2014). In order to remedy this problem, we must first know what makes some residents satisfied with their lives in nursing homes, while others are not. Based on current literature four common themes occur: environment, physical health, continuity, and social engagement.
Literature Review
Not surprisingly, it is found that surroundings play a large role in the quality of life of nursing home residents (Garre-Olmo, Lopez-Pousa, Turon-Estrada, Juvinya, Ballester, Vilatta-Franch, 2012; Oudman & Veurink 2014). Temperature, noise, and lighting were three identifiable environmental factors that contributed to quality of life. If any of these factors are off-balance there can be negative behavioral reactions (Garre-Olmo et al., 2012). The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that nursing home living areas’ noise levels should not exceed forty-five decibels during the daytime. However, the average nursing home in the United States sees noise levels anywhere between fifty-five and seventy decibels which is equivalent to the traffic on a busy highway. Dealing with these high levels of noise, significantly increases episodes of sundown syndrome and insomnia. It also can also trigger…

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