Health Care Reform and How the United States Got There. Essays

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Health Care Reform and How the United States Got There.

For over a decade our healthcare system has been flawed, and for over a decade several Presidents have tried to reform the health industry with little success. Advocates of health care reform have been met with great controversy and resistance since as early as 1854 when President Franklin Pierce vetoed the “Land-Grant Bill for Indigent Insane Persons” that would benefit the indigent insane, “by arguing that the federal government should not commit itself to social welfare, which he believed was properly the responsibility of the states” ("Senate Debates On the Land-Grant Bill for Indigent Insane, 1854). Those apposed to change have fought diligently to cease the passing of any
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(Kaiser Permanente, 2012) The Second Great War would also contribute to the cause, when restrictions were placed on higher paying jobs. “Since employers were unable to entice the most qualified worker to come work for them for higher pay, they instead improved their benefit packages, to include adding health insurance. (History of Health Care. 2009). As the United States moved into the 1950’s, Congress and President Truman began to make some headway in the fight for healthcare for all, to include “federal matching grants to state payments for medical care for the poor.” (History of Health Insurance in The United States, 2009). As the United States continued to push forward with change and healthcare evolution, “Congress was being pressured to expand Social Security to include relief from medical bills for the aged.” (The History of Health Insurance in The United States), and for these reasons by 1965 the Medicare and Medicaid programs would be born, and the beginning of socialized healthcare would start to take shape. According to Igel, in “The History of Health Care as a Campaign Issue,” the next eight years would see little change in healthcare reform after the adoption of the Medicare and Medicaid programs into law. By the early 70’s President Nixon was pushing for federal legislation to assist in the birth of Health Maintenance Organizations

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