Health Care Centers And Hospitals Essay

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Who wants to expose their loved ones to the overwhelming, chaotic emergency room? Watching significant people in your life critically hurt, or even indisposed can be a very stressful situation to deal with, especially if you are waiting for hours in an emergency room to even see a physician, or even get an update. This is why Urgent Care Centers are beginning to partner up with local hospitals in order to fulfill the important needs of patients with non-life-threatening injuries, rather than seeing them as mostly competitors.
In order to understand how Urgent Care Centers and Hospitals operate, it is important to know the current conditions, patient care, and the importance of these two facilities. These two health care centers are slowly becoming a booming subdivision in the medical world, as technology and the foundation of medicine advances. Urgent Care Centers are a walk-in health center primarily focused on treating patients that have suffered illnesses or injuries that need immediate care, and are typically cheaper than a visit to the nearest emergency room. Urgent Care Centers are starting to grab the attention of a large amount of the population in the country without a primary health care provider ever since the Affordable Care Act was passed that helped out millions of patients worldwide, giving them health insurance. On the other hand, Hospitals are institutions that provide more extensive treatment, are usually more on the expensive side, but do provide more…

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