Essay about Health Behaviours And Its Effects On Health Behaviors

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Health behaviours entail actions in which the individual seeks to predict, prevent or distinguish an illness (Stanislav & Sidney, 1966). Examples of health behaviours are actions such as dieting, taking medicines and quitting smoking. Past psychological enquiry has introduced numerous stage or phase models in which individuals alter their health behaviours. These theories have been implicated in understanding and providing a framework for the motivations that lead to health behaviour changes. Implication of the models can be subdivided at the individual and societal level as implied by Stretcher, Irwin and Rosentock (1997). Individual level interventions can serve to raise engagement of healthy behaviours in the individual, whilst at societal level interventions may be found as advertisement to increase awareness of the impacts of smoking. These steps towards health behaviours have been subdivided within social cognitive theories and models such as the Health Belief Model (HBM) that was developed out of direct observations on lack of partaking in tuberculosis screening inspections (Rawlett, 2011). The hereby document seeks to critically evaluate the Health Belief Model to explain health behaviours and its motivational factors. The appraisal of this model will be done by comparison with elements of other social cognitive and stage theories. By providing former findings a clear evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the HBM will be achieved. Past developed models such as…

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