Health Behaviors And Factors That Affect A Person Health Behavior

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Health Behaviors Goals

There are certainly many different health behaviors along with factors that effect a person health behavior. I have three health goals I would like to achieve but to do so I need to make a plan and stick to it, although that will be hard for me as well as for many people; it must be done. The three health behavior goals are to start exercising on a more consistent basis, along with eating better because I noticed I’ve been skipping meal or forgetting to eat which is not healthy at all, and lastly the need to stop cursing….. too much.
One health behavior I would like to change is my inconsistency on exercising. I’m a not a huge person; I am 5’10 and about 160 pounds which is small to most people so when I tell people I should start going to the gym more they look at me and laugh but I reiterate to them that going to the gym is not just about losing weight it’s also about keeping your body active and in shape internally as well as externally. I grew up in a semi-suburban/ semi-urban area; nobody in my in my family really exercised, everyone was pretty much your average size but I was certainly active as a children and teen, I was always on the run somewhere.
Another health behavior I would like to change is remembering my meals and not skipping out on breakfast, lunch or dinner. I want to change this behavior because I believe physically and mental it is not good for a person to go hours without eating and is always doing something different throughout…

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