Eating Meat Is Immoral Essay

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Consumption of meat is not immoral; however, managing and limiting extremes by virtual practice would be ideal for health, animal cruelty, and environmental concerns. Within Aristotle virtue ethics being a critical thinker is essential to finding the best path to one’s virtue, so eating meat would be dependent on each separate individual experience. However, finding a balance by identifying the extremes, and develop a mean to best describe the ideal moral practices.
There have already been health concerns from the over indulgence of eating meat. The consumption of meat is not immoral, but eating an excessive amount could be. Humans can run into heightened health concerns with extremes on two ends of the spectrum. Not eating enough meat will
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Sometimes the environment is not seen as a factor in meat eating, but it does have an impact and has an effect on human’s immoralities of typical factory practices. For example, a side effect from livestock waste can pollute the water supplies. Meat eating is not necessarily immoral, but other factors do have an essential impact on the animal product output. When factories are pumping out large quantities of product it usually comes with another price that negatively impacts the environment. In an individual who has virtue ethics mindset is will be learning through experience and recognized improvements on the next moral decision. Through the recognition and taking steps, a developmental stage for morals attitudes occur, to change their evolving practice to become that highly looked upon moral character. The negative impact on the environment contradicts the virtual qualities individuals maintain if those individuals would want to reach moral maturity. The concern is not someone but an institution or company may not feel morally obligated due to financial reasons. The practicing includes as a society for we have the capacity to learn from other mistakes. In this case, the company would rather do the right thing instead of conducting themselves in an inhuman manner, for the individual that are not in the moral extremes would learn from their

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