Health and Social Care Essay

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Interagency partnership is created at a formal organisational level, when two or more agencies agree to work together to share information or to jointly plan services they provide. On the other hand, inter-professional collaboration is how two or more people from different professions communicate and co-operate to achieve a common goal, focusing on the holistic welfare of the service user. The inter-professional partnerships also co-ordinates in order to ensure that, each professional's effort are acted upon, and to ensure that each practitioner is aware of what the others are doing. The children Act 1989 laid the foundation for inter-agency and inter-professional collaborations.
In order to clearly explain the benefits of interagency
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The counsellor helped by giving him advise on how to deal with his nervous attitude concerning the surgery, the counsellor also helped by introducing John to a support group. The support group help John a lot because he realised that a lots of people successfully undergone the surgery.

The GP also refer him to alcohol rehabilitation centre. The rehab got John to understand; alcohol cannot solve the problem but compound it. In the rehabilitation centre, John met people in a similar situations, he make new friends and become hopeful again. Action plan and targets was set for him and with the help of the health and social professionals in the in the rehabilitation centre and his GP effective interaction, John meets all is targets and achieve most of his goals in his action plan.

The GP may refer him to a social worker and liaison with the GP; the social worker was able to provide transportation to take him to all his appointments and his support group session. The social worker can also inform John about the choice of work that may be available for him if he chose to work after the surgery. The social worker in liaison with the GP was able to provide John with a care worker. The care workers help at home with his daily living activities, as a result of his impaired mobility. The care workers also assist John to stay away from alcohol. The care workers also help to administer medications prescribed by the GP after the surgery to aid John in his

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