Health And Social Care Environment Essay

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Unit 1
Understand ways to overcome barriers in a
Health and Social Care Environment

Communication and Interpersonal Interaction

Staff Training

Staff training is when a service provider makes sure that members of staff attend courses to so that they get individual experiences, so that the members of staff can reflect on their own experiences to help individuals who are anxious, aggressive or depressed. Staff training works, and supports communication because service users feel like they are being listened to, because staff can relate to service users when they have their own experience, therefore their conversation may have more meaning, and be more deep. This is more beneficial than staff just collecting information because the service user will feel like the member of staff understands the situation that they are in, and they’re not their just to help.

Assessment of need

Assessment of need is when a member of staff in a Health and Social Care setting collects an understanding of the service users needs beforehand, so that the service user can receive the best possible care. This would work by having a meeting with the service user before you start dealing with them, and asking them about their physical, intellectual, emotional or social needs. For example, a social worker may need to assess the needs of a child who has been neglected, so that they can give them all the correct care, and build a portfolio, or case study. This supports communication because the worker…

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