Health And Safety Policies And Procedures Essay

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Health and Safety Policy and Procedure
The health and safety policy is aimed make the setting a more healthy and safe environment as the health and safety of all children, young people, staff and other adults is vital. For that reason all children, parents, staff and volunteers are to be made aware of any risks and hazards to health and safety to minimize the risks and hazards to enable children and young people to succeed.

The entitled health and safety person at the setting has to undertake health and safety training and is be update regularly on their knowledge.

Every adult that is to be working or volunteering at the setting that they are to be Disclosure and Barring Service checked and is by no means allowed to start work until an adequate DBS check has been received. All staff are to not ever supervise any children or young people on their own, and that there is to be two members of staff in the room when there are children or young people present. All children and young people are supervised by a member of staff at all times.

At the setting, there will usually be security systems in
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When filling out a accident form a member of staff has to write down the child’s or young person’s full name, the date, time and where the injury occurred and what injury the has. This is then followed by what treatment was used for the child or young person for example cold compress and comfort, and the name of staff that dealt with the accident and witnesses of other staff who saw the accident. The form has to be signed off by whoever is collecting the child at the end of the session. All settings will have entry forms for any children or young people who arrive at the setting with an injury which will need to be completed by a member of staff and parent to protect

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