Health And Safety Policy And Procedure

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Health and Safety Policy and Procedure
The health and safety policy is aimed make the setting a more healthy and safe environment as the health and safety of all children, young people, staff and other adults is vital. For that reason all children, parents, staff and volunteers are to be made aware of any risks and hazards to health and safety to minimize the risks and hazards to enable children and young people to succeed.

The entitled health and safety person at the setting has to undertake health and safety training and is be update regularly on their knowledge.

Every adult that is to be working or volunteering at the setting that they are to be Disclosure and Barring Service checked and is by no means allowed to start work until an adequate
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Security systems are there to prevent unauthorized access to the children or young people while to also prevent any child or young person leaving the setting without being seen.

All children are to be taught not to touch any fires, heaters, electrical sockets, wires and leads and that they should be properly guarded. Heater should be checked at least every day to make sure that nothing is covering them and that the temperature of hot water is controlled to prevent any adult, children or young people from burning themselves.

All resources and materials in the setting has to be stored in a safe manner to prevent them from falling or collapsing accidentally and causing injury to
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Everything we do daily teaches children and young people to learn about healthy personal hygiene. Toilet areas have a high standard of hygiene, this includes washing hands and drying facilities and the disposal of nappies. We will need to promote hygiene by on a regular basis by cleaning tables between activities, before and after snack and meal times, cleaning the toilets regularly and wear protective clothing when dealing with bodily fluids I.E wee, sick, blood, faeces, pus and saliva to name a few and there can be much serious ones too.

The policy covers equipment and any activities before purchase and is appropriate for the certain age group. The way that activities are set up in the room allows us to move around safely and freely. We will need to check the equipment making sure it is safe and clean and that dangerous items are thrown away. Materials are to be non-toxic. Any physical play will need to be supervised at all times so an adult can step in if necessary. The policy makes it very clear that all children and young people learn about health and safety and personal hygiene through activates that we provide them and the daily

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