Health And Safety Of A Gp Surgery Essay

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There are many policies in place in a GP surgery, I will be talking about; Health and Safety, Confidentiality and Whistle Blowing. These policies are in place to ensure that the GP surgery promotes a positive care environment and promotes service users rights.
Health and Safety
Health and Safety in a GP surgery is in place to protect the staff and patients from any mistreatments or accidents within and around the surgery. The responsibilities of a health and safety policy are to ensure that the surgery is a safe environment to be in and there are no hazards that could potentially cause accidents to staff or patients. The surgery must ensure that their computer and filing systems with the surgery are safely recorded and kept confidential. This is to prevent and mix up of patients medical history’s such as blood tests or visits that are recorded to the GP. To prevent this the surgery must ensure that all tests are labelled correctly with patients name and NHS number on them, and to ensure the information the doctor or nurse bring up about a patient, is saved and closed before the next patient enters the room. This is a Health and Safety Policy because they have to ensure that patients receive the correct and accurate level of care to prevent emotional and physical harm. To ensure that patients do not suffer any emotional and physical harm, doctors and nurses must ensure that the information patients receive is their own information and is appropriate to them. For example…

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