Health And Obesity On College Campuses Essay

1599 Words Nov 17th, 2015 7 Pages
Two out of three people in America are overweight or obese. More narrowly, three out of ten college students are overweight. Many Americans would say that when students go to college, they gain weight because of the sources and stress that college impels. There are even expressions for this such as the “freshmen 15” meaning that many freshmen gain 15 pounds while in their first year of college. There are many causes for why there is such bad health and obesity on college campuses. These causes include availability of drugs, alcohol, and unhealthy food, students not getting enough sleep, and stress. As most people know, once a person becomes obese, it is hard to lose all that weight. Facts and statistics show that bad health and obesity leads to a shorter life span. This is why college campuses need to make a change in ways to improve the health and obesity on campus. In order to make a change, and solve this problem the campuses need to reduce these causes that create the health and obesity problems. This can be done by making colleges and universities have a yearly mandatory class that students take to get nutrition tips and psychical exercise. Health and obesity is a problem for college students due to social pressures, readily available unhealthy food and alcohol, stress and a lack of sleep. Out of all the causes of this issue, the biggest by far is the unhealthy food getting consumed by college students. Some students may stock up on fruits, vegetables,…

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