Healt and Social Care Essay

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Task 1.1
Welfare in relation to the child means ensuring the safety of a child e.g. to look after them at appropriate times, to prevent dangers and hazard that might occur. Protecting a child from harm is a part of the welfare. Making sure they don’t hurt themselves make it easier to protect them. To help the children get the best out of their life, parents need to help them develop so that they might be able to experience certain things that they might need for their future. And always try to keep them happy.

1.2 In regards to the Welfare of their child parents have the right to live with their children unless they can’t provide with their basic needs like food and clothes, they should also be able to protect them
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1.3 There are different rights Parents have in regards to the upbringing of their child. Parents have to decide rules and regulations for their children. This means the parents should be able to tell children what they can and cannot do at home and outside of the home. The parents have to also decide how and where the child should be educated. The parents should maybe inform themselves to decide if it’s better for the child to attend a state or a private school. But there are different ways the child can be educated. Parents can teach their children or hire a teacher as well and send them to a state or a private school to continue their education. Parents also have the right to decide the culture and religion. However when the child is grown up it may decide his/her religion.

Task 2 2.1
Parental responsibilities means to be able to look after their children and to secure them safety. As well to provide a home for the child and to protect and maintain it. It also means to have a secure job to meet the child needs as good as possible and to be sure to provide basic needs for them. If the child has any problems parents should take their time and help them out by giving them an advice, support and to actually love them to make them fell accepted. It's important that children understand what your responsibilities are as their parent.

2.2 The parents have

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