Healing Hospital Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… As Eberst (2008, p. 78) states, the healing hospital should be constructed in order to "... provide additional privacy and security for patients and to use technology to promote the healing environment". The example is given of elevators in the hospital that are situated in such a way as or provide both privacy and security for the patient. Paramount to the healing hospital is the holistic integration of its functionality. This includes the concept of radical loving care. In effect this means the following. There is a deeper level of engagement on the part of the staff and a more intimate and intense level of care and interaction with the patient. Aesthetics also plays an important role in creating an environment that is conducive to healing. Another vital component that has already been referred to is the extension of the hospitals as an integral part of the community. As the CEO of Mendocino Coast District Hospital …show more content…
In order to provide the wide range of services and the level of care expected in these hospitals means that staff, equipment and other expensive issues have to be implemented. However, if we consider the concept of holistic health in relation to the community, this would seem to reduce this problem considerably. The essence of the healing hospital is to educate and involve the community in dealing with their own health issues as well – which in turn would in the long run lead to the a reduction of health costs as the health of the community improves. This is the view of Zarren (p 1) puts forward.


There is little doubt that a caring and healing hospital that is integrated with the community can result in greater patient satisfaction and an increase in the healing potential of the healthcare system. This kind of hospital is seen by some to be a model for all future hospitals. The rationale behind this view is that for healthcare to be effective and cost-effective it must be more inclusive and community driven. The assumption is that this kind of hospital will have far-reaching implications for the future of the communities and the society in which it

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