Hcs212r4 Career Spectrum Scavenger Hunt Wk4 7 Essay

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Career Spectrum Scavenger Hunt

Part 1

Find, and list, at least 10 different careers from various sectors in the health care industry. Describe the role of each career and explain what makes that profession different from the others. You can include, but are not limited to, factors such as education and experience requirements, services rendered or products offered, licensure, pay, involvement with other health care sectors, and type of work duties.

Cardiovascular Technologist
Assist physician in diagnosing and treating cardiac and peripheral vascular ailment. They may specialize in three areas invasive cardiology cardiac sonography and vascular technology
Education 2
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4yrs compare bachelors of science degree compare of about 10years in my previous career. Plus the financial compensation is almost doubled the licensure the service rendered are the same. The employment outlook is almost the same high demand.
Massage therapy
Must graduate from state licensing massage program with at least 500hrs of formal training and pass the NCBTMB national exam
This career is different from the previous with educational requirements employment outlook. Financial compensation for example massage therapist does not require a college degree. But they both provide service to make the consumer comfortable
Medical Assistant
Preforms routine administrative and clinical duties in most doctors office and clinics Educational requirements one year vocational high school or one year community college
Work environment is different a from my previous by their financial compensation is almost the same.
Medical coder
Medical coders assigned codes to patient medical recorded for monetary compensation for services provide by health care providers.
There is no specific educational requirements for this career so there is an obvious is a difference from my previous career of medical assistant. The financial compensation is also different, but they both work in the same field of clinic and Doctor offices. The job outlook is excellent.
Medical Librarian
Provides access to resources in a variety of formats, have a

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