HCS 449 Week 2 Health Care Industry Essay

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Health Care Industry
Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs
Health Care Administration Capstone
HCS 449
John Weiss
September 13, 2014
Health Care Industry
The health care industry is an environment that is competitive and expensive. To be a patient receiving care the urgency is high and at a very critical point to trust a team of strangers with your care possibly even your life. On the other side of that coin, treating and interacting with patients is a part of the health care industry because providing care does not end with the physician. In the middle of these two different side of health care is where management steps in and takes over the middle ground.
Big Changes in Health Care
Within the next 10 years I believe that the electronic
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The front desk, referrals, medical records, and the medical assistants work directly with the patients and they often receive angry exchanges from the patients. These roles need to be and feel supported to make decisions on the fly to help the patient and their fellow employees. I have found that these employees often have the best ideas for making changes to the operating procedures when there are changes that need to be made or adjusted. Supporting these key employees and giving them the voice they seldom have is how I see myself in health care. Although paths change, I enjoy the interactions I have with other employees.
Evolving Skills in Health Care
I will continue my education to finish the Master of Business program so that I have a well-rounded knowledge of business and health care. I have a lot to learn about business because it is not something I have ever been interested in before but in order to advance in my career this education is the foundation I will need. I will also continue to pursue education through seminars and subscriptions to industry specific literature. The American College of Healthcare Executives encourages leadership to “find interesting articles in local newspapers, national magazines such as Newsweek and Time, and trade publications such as Healthcare Executive, Frontiers of Health Services Management, Journal of Healthcare Management, and Modern Healthcare

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