Essay on Has Early Attachment Always Impacted The Later Relationship?

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Has early attachment always impacted the later relationship? Harry F. Harlow revealed the importance of early secure attachment for healthy affectional development in the macaque monkey experiment. Likewise, Lucy Scott Brown and John Wright reported the significant relationship between early secure attachment experiences and sound adolescent development in their research (15). Yet, Jeong Shin An and Teresa M. Cooney found that insecurity and mistrust from the early insecure attachment experiences can be reworked and resolved (411) through altruistic activities and social bonding (418).
In "Affectional Response in the Infant Monkey,” Harry Harlow demonstrates the significance of affectional needs from caregivers to develop secure attachment and social behaviors. Harlow used subhuman primate-macaque monkey because its development "follow a course and sequence which is very similar to that in the human infant" (422). The infant monkeys were separated from their birth mothers immediately after and were "raised" by two different mother surrogates, the "cloth mother" and the "wire mother" (Harlow 422). Harlow notes that "a bond developed between [the] infant and cloth-mother surrogate that is almost unbelievably similar to the bond established between human mother and child" (423).
Harlow suggests that "the cloth mother provides a haven of safety and security for the frightened infant" (425), which allows the infant to "rapidly relaxed, showed no sign of apprehension" (425) and…

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