Harley Davidson Case Study Essay

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Harley Davidson Motor Company was founded by William Harley and Arthur, Walter and William Davidson. It is the producer and manufacturer of iconic and unique motorbikes, which are desired by millions of people around the globe. It is the most recognized company in motorcycle industry, creator of culture, lifestyle and tradition. It is one of few businesses which have gained the admiration and respect of consumers and competitors.
History of Harley Davidson Motor Company started in 1901, when William and Arthur started building the engine that would suit into bicycle. In 1903 they introduced their first motorcycle, from that time company has been constantly growing and today it is considered as one of the most prestige motorcycle company
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The Asian and European market share have been gaining in recent year. The needs of Harley Davidson in Europe are increasing, which becomes a top one worldwide. Since lots of women and younger riders have been interesting in motorcycle, the range of customers has raised.(Richard, 2004, p9-10)
The European law of bike’s noise level is higher than those of U.S law, which urge the U.S motorcycle noise level to go up. At present, a lot of opponents are equipped with higher financial support and various marketing resource. It means there is greater competition from Harley-Davidson motorcycle on world market.(Richard, 2004, p9-10)

Analysis of 8Ps including product, price, place, promotion, people, physical evidence, process and partnership

After Harley-Davidson was taken over by AMF, AMF only focused on production rather than product’s quality so that Harley-Davidson's credibility has been seriously damaged and sales dropped down. Beers joint 13 senior executives Harley-Davidson redeemed from AMF, the company always put quality as the first consideration. They put one hundred million dollars to improve equipment and production processes in order to enhance the quality of products. Harley-Davidson is similar with Rolls-Royce and Ferrari in terms of the manual manufacturing and limited production. Every motor need to be ordered in advanced. In order to reflect the personality

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