Happy Love Essay

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It was my junior year in high school, and I had been in a relationship for almost two and half years now. It had its ups and downs like any relationship should have, but mine had more downs than ups. I was always trying to make the other person happy and would always sacrifice my own happiness to achieve that goal. For I could not stand seeing people upset so I let them walk all over me when it came to them being happy over me.
That’s when I learned that I needed to make sure to focus on my own happiness before I focus on other people’s happiness.

“You can’t focus on their happiness and forgot to make sure that you’re happy because then it doesn’t make it an actual relationship. It’s just one person trying to make the other one happy and it
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Making her happy and making myself unhappy,” I said.
“You have to try to sit down and talk to her and explain how you feel about everything and quit just letting it happen because the situation will only get worse,” said Alex. “And don’t say you don’t want to hurt her feelings by talking to her about it. She’ll get over it, trust me.”
“Don’t you think I’ve tried that already man, it never helps. It will work for a short time but then it just goes back to what it was before, and it gets annoying,” I said.
“Trust me, what is annoying is seeing you upset all the time because of her and you not doing anything about it,” Alex said. “It’s also frustrating when I try to help you and you ignore the help I give you. But that’s okay if you want to keep being unhappy all the time, that’s your
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“I see,” said Alex, “And maybe it’s time to try and do something else. Maybe she’s just not meant for you, man. You’re always complaining that you’re unhappy and just end up in the same place every time with her. Maybe it just isn’t meant to be.”

“I’m beginning to feel the same way,” I explained, “You’re right about always ending up in the same place every time. I wish she made me as happy as I try to make her, but there seems to be no effort on her end. I wish she made me as happy as this other girl. She always seems to care for me and make sure that I am happy, especially when she can see that I’m upset because of my relationship. She goes out of her way to talk to me about things to make things better, even though sometimes she feels like she has no place in the matter or any advice either. I even think I’m beginning to have feelings for her.”
“Hey man, if you feel strong enough about her, go for it!” exclaimed Alex.
“You sure about this man?” I questioned, “What about the girl I’m dating?”
“She doesn’t care as much as you, so yeah,” Alex

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