Essay about Happiness

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We Have No “Right to Happiness” According to Fifth Amendment, “No person should be deprived of life, liberty, property or the pursuit of happiness.” Rights granted to us by the Bill Of Rights under the Constitution. Having the right to pursue happiness mean man has the right to do as he or she pleases as along as no one is getting hurt and laws are not broken. True, but when do word “right” and” happiness” become to words that belongs in the same sentence have two different meaning. While it may be true, Clare believes right has something to do with freedom granted to us in the society we live in and happiness deals with sexual happiness. The author seems to disagree with Clare and her assumptions of the words meaning. I believe, …show more content…
A not because it’s morally speaking but it would be unlawfully speaking, while Clare who is speaking of morality is disagreeing with Mr. A. The definition proposed by Clare of “Happiness”, which mean sexual happiness in her morally speaking manner, say that Mr. A wants to divorce his wife because of the lack of sexual happiness. Even so, Mr. A still has a right to say that he does not want to stay with his wife because of the lack of sexual happiness. Is that not the right of Mr. A to do want he wants to make him happy. I believe he has that right and I also believe his actions are lawful. According to Lewis,” our sexual impulses are thus being put in a position of preposterous privilege. The sexual motive is taken to condone all sorts of behavior which, if it had any other end view, would be condemned as merciless treacherous and injust.” What Lewis is implying is that our sexual needs to be satisfied and once it’s been satisfied enough, we wish to do away with our partners but if it were a crime we would be in trouble but since it’s not a crime to satisfy our sexual happiness then it we will continue to catch other eye for someone else. All in all, I believe we do have, “Rights to Happiness,” as long as we do not misinterpret the freedom guaranteed to us by the U.S

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