Happiness Leads To Less Stress Essay

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Happiness Leads to Less Stress It’s safe to assume that more stress leads to less happiness, but is it safe to assume that happiness leads to less stress? Questions like these are those that social psychologists ask everyday. Social psychology originates from the broader study of psychology that focuses on human behavior in social settings (McLeod, 2007). There are a variety of research methods that social psychologist can employ such as, correlational, observational, and experimental. The methods that this paper targets are those of correlational and experimental design. To elaborate on these methods, it is theorized that happiness leads to less stress. From the original theory transpires the hypothesis that people who receive a new phone …show more content…
For this design, one hypothesis is that people who report to have a steady career will also report to have lower or no levels of stress than those who do not have a steady career. To test this claim, thirty people from ages thirty to forty are recruited at random from a populous city because it harbors diverse populations. Happiness is the variable of a steady job, which has to meet the requirement of being employed for at least six consecutive months. Stress is measured in terms of a self-report survey about their stress levels. The thirty participants will receive a survey entailing questions about whether or not they have a steady job, their employer, and so forth. After the survey, the researcher presents a second survey with a chart that contains three levels of stress, with the lowest level being not stressed, the second level being mild to moderately stressed, and the third level being very stressed. The participants circle which level of stress they believe they are currently enduring in life. Individuals with long-term careers should exhibit lower to no levels of stress when compared to those who do not have a steady career, therefore showing an inverse or negative relationship between happiness and stress. The results will be tested at an alpha of .05 in a hypothesis

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