Essay on Happiness Is Not Always Different Depending On Who You Ask

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The meaning of happiness is always different depending on who you ask. Some may say that true happiness is not really found on purpose but on accident, a sort of serendipity that shows itself when you least expect it. Others claim that happiness automatically shows appears as a result of other positive feelings like love,freedom and creativeness. One thing about the idea of happiness is that there always seems to be a philosophy or theory on how to achieve it , as if it were a master key to unlock a secret. People always tend to make plans and guides to things we are confused about or don 't understand, its in our human nature.

Happiness is novelty. When people talk about the desire for happiness, about chasing happiness and to be at peace in life, I believe what their really talking about is experiencing novelty. Most of the time,its the new things that really awaken someones mind. Just like when someone travels to a new and exiteing country and is exposed to new cultures,people,languages, and landmarks. Something new can fully engage us with the world, sort of like an explorer in a new enviroment. Living through new experiences can help someone get over the boredom that comes with everyday life. When people say that they just want to be happy, I think what they really mean is that they just want to continue to explore, they want to continue to discover new experiences and new landscapes. Landscapes not only in the physical world but also in the mind; thoughts. New…

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