Halal Food Case Study

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1.1Statement of the Problems

Muslim population is constantly growing and is a fact that the most populated area of Muslims from the world is the ASEAN region, considering Indonesia in first place followed for Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand. Muslims must follow their dietary code (based in the Shariah Law) where the word Halal which means the permitted items that they are allowed to consume, takes a huge importance because is a requirement for them. To obtain a Halal product this must be certified by a legal Halal entity. The Halal market represent a highly lucrative market that is needed to be supplied with certified products. ASEAN halal market is very important because the region has 32, 16 percent of Muslims from the world.
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Halal global market is growing fast and is becoming a very attractive market that needs to be supplied with certified products. There are many organizations that are taking care of the adequate system of certification and trying to cover as many countries as possible in order to make the global industry more dynamic, increasing opportunities in different countries that have a high potential of food production. (Mian N. Riaz M. M., Halal food laws and regulations)
Chile has a huge agro-alimentary advantage and their products meet all the Halal standards. Main reason why they have two institutions providing the Halal certification. The institutions are principally promoting the certification of meat producers, because of its quality. (GOB, 2013)
The ASEAN Halal market is globally recognized because of the dynamism of their population, which represent the highest Muslim rate on the world principally located in Indonesia and Malaysia. For Chilean food producers that have an advantage in the food industry and have high quality products would be an advantage to enter to the ASEAN Halal market. Therefore the present study is set on the ASEAN Halal market and the possibility that Chilean Halal food producer have of export their

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