Hacienda Montaña Imbabura Case Study

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Clara Gisbert Zerpa
Paola Ruíz León
Ana López Román
Isabel Aisa Orga

EADA HM01, 2015
Executive Summary

Hacienda Montaña Imbabura The Hacienda Montaña Imbabura is an Eco-lodge luxury hotel located in the mountain Imbabura in the province of Imbabura in Ecuador. This province in the 4th most popular province in Ecuador for tourist due to its natural environment, cultural influence and eco-touristic offer, in the year 2013 the province recorded a total of 345.240 travelers of the total inbound travelers of Ecuador from the counties of Colombia, Peru, United States, Venezuela and Spain.

This project presents an opportunity to develop a new offer to a segmentation of costumers from The Americas and Europe of accommodation
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• We provide a package of accommodation and adventure in-situ: The Hacienda Montaña Imbabura is the only hotel who provides the option of both services in-situ to make our guests’ life easier and more comfortable. We will also add the visit to the lakes as a complement, but we are seriously engaged into provide

• The company works under the values of community tourism: For Hacienda Montaña Imbabura is very important to integrate our staff, our values and our daily work to the local community, by not damage the ecosystem and be respectful with their customs and traditions, so the community.

• Peer to peer experience provided in the place with the local community: As has been explained before, in the new tourism´s trends, it is very important for the tourist to interact with the local community as part as the travel experience.

• We promote the preservation of the environment under the values of sustainability and eco-tourism.
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• Increase of local competition due to the opportunities of investment in the tourism and hospitality in the province: The government of Ecuador has invested in the campaign “All You Need Is Ecuador” to increase the touristic demand to the country, as has been stated before in the external analysis. The province of Imbabura is one of the main destinations promoted by the campaign.

• Change in the eco-touristic regulations of Ecuador: Could be a threat for Hacienda Montaña Imbabura, since the government may create or change the actual regulations.

• The competition could copy our competitive advantage: To prevent this situation, we would create partnerships with our direct and indirect competitors, in order to provide to their guests with our adventure center and our service, therefore, supply for the demand and not create the need for them to build their own adventure

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