Walt Disney Marketing Strategy

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- Introduction -3-

- HRM Functions At Walt Disney -4-

- Requirements of HR Planning at Walt Disney -5-

- Developing a Human Resource Plan -5-

- Strategic Human Resource Management at -8-Walt Disney Business

- Contribution of HRM Strategy towards achieving objectives of Disney -8-

- The effect of Organizational Structure on Human Resources Management -9-

- Effect of Culture on Human Resources Management -11-

- Recommendations to improve effectiveness of HRM in Walt Disney -13-

- Conclusion -15-

- References -16-


The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest media and entertainment corporations in the world. Established on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walt and
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Creativity and innovation are the most important attributes related to Walt Disney, where they are developing plans and strategies of business on its basis. There are some initiatives presented by Walt Disney, such as “Dream as a team “which helps build a collaborative work environment to achieve the goals of the company, and “Blue sky”, Which is a designed sessions for employees by which they can determine the best staff and broadcast the sense of belonging to the company.
How HR plan contributes to meeting Organizational objectives
To achieve the organization goals in organization, the human resources must clarify the gaps and must submit set of targets and goals by the human resources department in order to correct these gaps, To achieve these goals, According to Disney there must be efficient in staff and skills that help them in reaching these goals on time and the presence of such features will help to achieve organization goals
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To be precise, the Tamped of the workers are different than the other firms in the whole wide world. Moreover, there are a lot of zones in Disney that needs the evolvement and improvement in their HR management. Disney has a high rate of their workers turnover, if Disney can control this factor then they can amputate the costs of training and recruiting of modern workers. People have seen that Disney was not showing equality to their

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