Gun Ownership Research Paper

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Gun Ownership
The second constitution amendment in America majorly stresses on the armament and gun ownership. This follows the high rate of gun ownership where citizens own them for various purposes like hunting and self-protection. The government through this constitution amendment wants to regulate gun ownership in the country. This paper looks at various aspects of gun ownership like the idea of gun ownership as a civil obligation, rebellions that played an important role of the militia debate, the position of the federalist and anti-federalists on gun control, how the gun culture revolved in the early 19th century and how slavery contributed to the gun control debates.
As explained by Saul Cornell the main understanding that arose from
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This group was composed of academically exposed people who were able to approach this issue with a more professional manner bringing up their grievances rather than the use of violence. They wanted the state to consider regulating the usage of the guns among the citizens who were able to own them (Cornell, 34). Shay’s rebellion was among the major antagonist of the armament of the constitution about the gun ownership. Most of them rose strongly against the gun control that was uprising in the year 1786 where the state wanted to control the civil rights of the citizens including the regulation of the gun ownership. They were however not a very radical group but had the ability to communicate arguably and express their opinions opposing the entire gun ownership rule and pushing for the second amendment. “Shay and his followers were not radical individualists, but strongly communitarian and localist in their outlook” (Cornell, 34). They formed the local group that was known as the Shays’ rebellion and later were among the rebellions under the anti …show more content…
All these were members of the state who the issue of constitutionalism made them be parted in terms of their opinion. There is a high chance that the federalists were among the law makes and thus supported the laws. From the above it evident that the two had two parallel stands on the issue of constitutionalism and specifically gun ownership where the anti federalists pushed for regulation and second

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