Gun Ownership Is A Feeling Of Protection For Themselves And Their Family

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To many individuals, the right to bear arms, is a feeling of protection for both themselves and their family. Whether it’s for their household or just walking in the street, it helps them to feel secure, stronger, and overall more independent. Especially at times where people live in a society where it is known for various crimes on a daily basis. According to the article, “Gun Laws”, “ The poorer the neighborhood, the riskier it is for peaceful residents” (3). In most circumstances, this is, unfortunately, very true. And taking away their only sense of security, send chills to may in the community. However, you would think that by decreasing the personal possessions of guns would also decrease crime rates. That, unfortunately, was not the case. Making gun ownerships illegal, doesn 't stop bad guys from having them. It only stops the good guys from feeling safe, and enables them to be more vulnerable and open to attacks. “Where gun ownership is illegal, residential burglaries are higher” (3). The Libertarian Party is one party, in particular, that is strong on the way they feel about law- abiding citizens owning their own guns. The Libertarian Party is here to seek a world of civil liberty and justice. “A world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others” (5). They believe that everyone should be able to have the control of their own lives and not have to rely on others.…

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