Gun Control Policy Analysis

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The purpose of this memo is to advise a firearm policy. I provide two policy alternatives that incorporate a federal mandate to regulate and document firearm transactions in all States. The first policy includes a provision to prevent convicted felons from purchasing firearms. The second policy alternative contains provisions to prevent mentally ill people and convicted felons from obtaining firearms as well as banning high caliber weapons. My recommendation is to adopt Policy Option A because it is feasible.

Policy Option A
A federal law that regulates and documents all types of firearm transactions. Private-party dealers must register at the local police headquarters the firearms available for sale. Private-party and licensed retailers
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Law enforcement will have easy access to documentation of firearm transactions available at the local police stations. Another advantage is that convicted felons and criminals will not be able to purchase firearms due to the background check requirement. Enforcement, along with criminal charges on account of incompliance will deter sellers from infringing the law.

A disadvantage of this law is that some states might take a while to adopt the law due to bureaucracy. The tax on the consumer might also work as a deterrent to purchase weapons from private sellers and incentive a rise of guns on the black market. There might be arguments that the policy will infringe privacy laws by making private retailers register guns at the local police station. Another contention against this proposed policy might be from conservatives, who would argue that we are restricting the ability of private-party sellers to sell their
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Therefore the proposed Policy Option A is recommended because it has unrivaled chances of approval from Congress. Under this policy option, the legislature will respect the rights of American Citizens to own firearms. Pushing a law to compel private-party sellers, as well as licensed retailers, to require a background check from buyers is essential to prevent felons and convicted criminals access to firearms. Requiring private firearm sellers to document the sale of firearms is also vital in order to prevent a rise of illegal guns. This legislation is vital to reduce the number of individuals shot by firearms. 85% of guns used in crimes have gone through at least one private party transaction . Constituent support is likely because they desire a law to prevent criminals and felons from purchasing

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