Gun Control And Gun Ownership Saves Lives Essay example

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Gun is a type of weapon that could provide a huge protection for everyone, but sometimes a gun can be the cause of disasters. After many mass shootings, Americans debated about whether they should the right to own a gun or not. In the first essay “Responsible Gun Ownership Saves Lives” from the book “American Now”, Cristina Tenuta mentions that Americans should have right to own a gun. In the second essay “Gun Acts Force Multiplier, Dangering Everyone” from the book “American Now”, James Stancliffe mentions that he respects the laws, but owing gun can be a danger to civilians if the gun owner is not properly trained. Contrasting points between these two essays are about gun Second Amendment, gun ownership, and the result of gun policies.
The first difference between these two essays is that both writers describe Second Amendment differently. In Christina Tenuta’s essay “Responsible Gun Ownership Saves Lives”, she states that people have right to own the gun from long time ago. She use the Second Amendment to show why Americans should allow to keep guns. According to her essay, Tenuta says, “The Second Amendment promises Americans the right to bear arms. The ultimate goal of the Second Amendment is protection” (Tenuta 182). Due to Second Amendment guns can be use as protection. For example, she says, “Americans, through the Second Amendment, reserve the right to protect themselves using any means necessary” (Tenuta 182). All the example above shows people have right to own…

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