Essay on Guidelines For Select Physical Therapy

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Plan: Select Physical Therapy in Wasilla is an outpatient physical therapy clinic with a population base that ranges from pediatrics to geriatrics. Select as an organization is very thorough and performs constant updates and audits to make sure the company is following all of its policies and procedures. My CI and I had to incorporate multiple sources to come up with an idea for this quality improvement project. After a couple days of brainstorming, we came to the consensus that HEP updates are an area that this facility and its staff can improve and expand on. The target became to track if and how often the HEP is updated in a period of 30 days and what diagnosis has the least HEP updates.
Do: I gathered information by conducting a retrospective review of the charts from the time period of September 28, 2016 through October, 28, 2016. Throughout this time frame, Select PT in Wasilla treated 66 patients. The patient population ranged from pediatrics to geriatrics with a heavier load of pediatric patients. According to the retrospective review that I conducted, out of the 66 patients treated 48% of the patients did not have and updated HEP, 29% of the patients had one HEP update and 23% had over two HEP updates in the thirty day period listed above. To summarize, 48% did not have a HEP update and 52% had met the goal of at least one HEP update in a period of 30 days.
I sub grouped the patient’s diagnosis into three categories. Gross motor delay, torticollis, and…

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