Guided Language Essay

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Language has an essential role in human communication. Language is used as a means of communication in order to express feeling, idea, desire, intention, and so on. Learning a particular language becomes one of the subjects required at school nowadays. Regarding to the era of globalization, the demand of the curriculum, and considering that English is an international language, mastering English is a requirement nowadays. That is why many schools attempt to make the students to be able to master English properly.
Writing is one of the language skills in English. According to Nunan (2013) as cited in Hamid (2004), writing is a process and product. In the process, the students create, plan, make draft, revises, until the final writing. Moreover,
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Writing is aimed to express feeling, thought, opinion, or argument of the writers especially students in this case. Moreover, writing also has aim to impress the readers’ attention of what have been written.
2.3 The definition of guided writing strategy
According to Heinemann (2007), a guided writing is an essential strategy which provides students with the additional steps towards independent writing. In guided writing strategy, the teacher guides the students in group in the process of writing in order to provide support which can help them to improve their writing competency. Guided writing strategy can help students to transfer their ideas from plan into writing.
2.4 The process of guided writing strategy
According to Reid (1993: 25) as cited in Dyan (2010), the process of implementing guided writing strategy can be seen as follow:
a. The teacher provides the students with a short text as model paragraph which can be used by them for guiding them in
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The implementation is:
a. The teacher provides the students with a short text as model paragraph which can be used by them for guiding them in writing in which the model paragraph is written based on the situational cartoon media which is shown by the teacher.
b. The teacher asks some basic question related to the model paragraph.
c. The teacher gives exercise related to the model paragraph especially in vocabulary building and sentence structure knowledge.
d. The students do oral preparation before writing in which they do discussion in group about what to write and the teacher guides the students by writing the outline.
e. The students do written composition in which they may write based on the model paragraph with any changes.
f. Later on, the students are shown new situational cartoon and they are expected to write paragraph based on the situation in the situational

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