Grunig And Hunt: The Hallmarks Of Public Relations

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An understanding of the management of reputation or public status and the making of ethical judgment about strategic communication and communication planning are the hallmarks of public relations. Public relations (hereinafter PR) is concerned with the strategic planning and management of communication (AUT, 2016). Grunig and Hunt (1984) defined PR as the way of handling the spread or transfer of data or information between a person or an establishment - such as a charitable trust, corporate body, or a government organization - and the community. Because it is recognised as a complex process, it is defined in its widest sense as the communication management that occurs between an organization or individual and all of its “publics” or audiences (Len-Rios, 2011). In the words of Len-Rios (2011), using this broad definition allows for the inclusion of many relations beyond media relations; examples of these are “government public affairs, labour relations-mediation, crisis communication, conflict management, investor and financial relations, corporate communication, internal/employee communication, fund-raising and donor relations, special events, health care and public health communication, public affairs and lobbying, as well as image and reputation management.”
Different from marketing or advertising which is profit-based, the idea of
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Communication and collaboration are the quintessence of contemporary PR (Vercic, Grunig, and Grunig, 1996). The concept of effective dialogue in ethical and practical PR cannot be overemphasised and is inching towards a two-way relational communication (Kent and Taylor, 2002). The concept of dialogue is deeply rooted in philosophy and relational communication theory. Dialogue in PR is an important step which affords the understanding of how establishments build and foster relationships that serve the interest of the public and the establishment (Kent and Taylor,

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