Growing Up With A Family Camping Trip At Meeting Lake Essay

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Growing up I had a fairly stereotypical childhood. I lived on a farm surrounded by animals, had loving parents, three amazing siblings at the time, played soccer and of course, had aspirations to be the first woman on Jupiter. I had everything I could ever want! It wasn 't until July of 2014 that everything began to go downhill. One day during a family camping trip at Meeting Lake, my aunt noticed a small bump on my neck. "I 've had this bump for as long as I can remember! It 's really no big deal, guys." I remember specifically telling my family, but nevertheless I was brought into the hospital the next day. We waited seven hours that day, only to hear a rude doctor, who clearly did not want to be in the room with us say "It 's only environmental issues" in the most spiteful voice possible. Despite her 'alleviating ' answer, we were persistent in finding out the problem. Hundreds of blood tests, countless doctors’ visits and numerous misdiagnoses later, they had finally figured it out. They determined I had Chronic Lymphocytic Thyroiditis; an autoimmune condition in which the immune system, attacks my thyroid, and ultimately killing it. I was told it was livable, but I’d have to make some major lifestyle changes. Including limited physical activity, extended periods of rest and many food restrictions, including dairy, sugar, starch, soy and iodized/sea salt. The doctors told us that cosmetic surgery would be available to correct the large bump in the center of my neck.…

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