Growing Up From A Bedroom Apartment Behind A 7 / 11 Essay

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Growing up I lived in small one bedroom apartment behind a 7/11. Most of the residents living in the apartment were family. So growing up I spend most of my time with my cousins. Mostly my oldest cousin Raul. Growing up I saw him more of a brother figure than a cousin he went everywhere together and did everything together. I looked up to him but the older we got the less I looked up to him because of all the bad thing he was involve with. He was older by about two years but we were in the same grade level because he had failed the 5th grade once and the other time he had to restart the year because he missed a lot of days and was held back. His mom really didn’t care much about if he went to school or not. We were in the 5th grade together and we also had the same teacher Ms. Miranda she was one of my favorite teacher my cousin didn’t like her as much because she would talk a lot and go off subject. Ms. Miranda knew we were related and that we lived together so even when he was absent he would still have homework because she would have me take it. He always hated that she did that he would complain he would always say “why is she giving me homework I didn’t go to school today how am I supposed to know what to do?” I always tell him the same thing “than stop being lazy and start going to class so you would know how to do it. I don’t know why you don’t go it not like its hard.” And he would reply the same way all the time “I’m not lazy I’m just don’t want to waste my time…

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