What Is Racism In The Movie Crash

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Humans acquire racial views through family relationships, socialization and cultural influences. In the movie Crash, the issue of racism was examined and expressed through the challenges the main characters faced and how they were intertwined with one another. Through these characters, we begin to see that humans learn from their experiences. For example, when the older white cop found out that his father’s insurance got rejected, he took out his anger on the African American couple who was driving home. When the cop molested the African American woman in front of her husband, he was exerting his power over them. After the wife was molested, the husband blamed it on all of the white people and made the assumption that they are against the …show more content…
These beliefs are learned through interactions within our family relationships and the values they possess. Family relationships help to sculpt one’s racial views through family traditions. For example, if someone lives in a home where the parents believe that a specific race or lifestyle is bad, then the child will most likely adopt the same views.
These views can also be learned from parents, grandparents or other parental figures. “Our views and beliefs develop as we grow up. If a child or young person grows up within a racist family, or has friends who are racist, they may believe that racism is normal and acceptable” (Childline, n.d.). Humans learn how to think and act based on the beliefs and perception of their parents or guardians. Children are conditioned during their upbringing to perceive the world and its inhabitant in the same manner as their
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In Jane Elliot’s How racist are you, Jane tries to show people from all over the world that humans are conditioned to be racist. During the study she divided a group of people based on their eye color. If they had blue or brown eyes which takes out the fact of someone’s skin color. In this case the blue eyes are the one being discriminated against (Elliot, 2013). Jane Elliot explains in the video that if you grew up in a public school system then you are racist. She goes on and explains that young people have been conditioned to be racist through the public school system from history class (Elliot, 2013). Also being put in a situation where you have to discriminate against another group of people then you will conform to what everyone else is doing. If someone grows up in an environment where people are acting aggressively towards a certain groups of people, then they will be more likely to act aggressively toward the group as well. This is done to fit in or because they think that it is okay to act that way towards that group.
In the movie Crash, the younger police officer seemed to be less concerned about race and tried to save the lives of the African Americans. He even wanted to transfer cars because his partner was seemingly racist. At the end of the movie, the younger officer was put in a situation where he made a split decision as to whether to shoot the unarmed black man. His actions were based on the stereotypes

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