Essay about Growing Epidemic Of Obesity And Obesity

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Growing Epidemic of Obesity
Today’s society relies on statistics to let them know which role they should play in the community, so here’s one, “17 percent of children k-12, 32 percent of adult males, and 36 percent of adult females are obese” (Johnson 1). Obesity is the second leading death case among Americans in the United States. Dhruv Khullar’s article, targets the fast food industries to stop advertising junk food to young children and encourage major industries to produce healthy affordable produce. The public needs to realize that obesity has major consequences; not only physically but mentally and socially too. Obesity health problems have a great economic impact on the health system provided in the U.S. Khullar’s argument correctly states that people don’t change their diets because they are influenced by the food around them, society encourages children to eat junk food, and multimedia influence is an even worse influence. Khullar witnesses, in medical school, people diagnosed with obesity, but yet they are careless about taking care of their condition. People are becoming obese every day and it affects them far beyond the unexpected. The main targets are low-income people and minority groups because fast food is much cheaper than healthy food, so they’d rather buy junk food. For example, Khullar states, “This sadly is the case in the cafeteria of a major hospital, an institution devoted to preserving the promoting health…is one in large part for skyrocketing…

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