Group Process Essay

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Session 1: (17/01/2014)
After an interesting and useful course called ‘Individual Dynamics’, we had another course which future managers need to compulsorily undergo. Here comes the course named ‘GROUP PROCESSSES IN ORGANIZATION’ which was handled by Prof. Rupashree Baral. I was excited about the course as I liked the way the previous course was handled. The very first day was interesting where we all were asked to introduce each other. I was a bit confused about what was happening in the class, as in why are we being asked to introduce our neighbors? But after getting introduced by Ravi, who told the class about my dream of providing jobs to trans-genders the whole class appreciated. That was actually an incentive
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We need to understand our group members’ character well. We need to know which person is good at doing what? We need to know how the person will react when a particular task is assigned to him/her. We need to analyze the group correctly and have exact information about them so that, the group has synergy and can perform well in an organization.
Session 3: (24/01/2014)
In this session we learnt some important concepts like five stages in group formation and Punctuated equilibrium model. We also learnt about the properties of groups like roles, norms, status, group conformity, cohesiveness in groups etc. A video was also shown which clearly and humorously showed how people conform to other’s opinion in groups. Honestly speaking, I myself have experienced group conformity where my thoughts were not taken into consideration. The video was simple but an eye-opener to many of us in the class. Another important concept which we have already studied in Individual Dynamics was also touched upon – Social Loafing. These two concepts, Group Conformity and Social Loafing happen during most of the times when we work for group assignments. After getting to know these concepts, the behavior of the class as a whole changed, at least in teams which I worked with. I should quote the impact of Social Loafing that happened with one of my team members. One day, when we were working on an assignment of

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