Group Facilitation Work With People With Special Needs Essay

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ocus Statement: The intent of this paper is to explore the many aspects and/or questions as it relates to group facilitation work with people with “special needs.”
A. Statistics:
 According to Statistics Canada, 2006 presented an 1.9% increase in disability when compared to the rate of 2001—of which 3.7% of that figure accounts for children between the ages of zero and four while 4.7% accounts for those between the ages 15 to 24.
• In addition, of those aged zero to four with one or more disabilities 68.8% also had a “chronic health condition-related disability.” Hence, one should reflect on the following as such—numbers rose like this in a span of five years, nearly 10 years ago. Thus, if a more updated record on the matter from Statistics Canada was available, what the numbers would look like now? One could rightfully propose an even greater picture of the prevalence and impact of disability among the current population.
B. Thus, comes the question, what is meant by those who state, “kids with special needs” and/or what, conditions are considered “special needs?”
• In response, and with the help of, “the number one most-trusted source for physician-reviewed information and advice on children 's health and parenting issues,” one can settle on the definition of, those children who may need extra supports as a result a physical, intellectual, emotional and/or learning challenge--supports that other children do not need or need relatively infrequently (Kids…

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